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Blog | Rwanda Gorillas Safari - Part 4

Recovery of Akagera national Park

Want to do a Rwanda wildlife safari? Visit Akagera national park the only savannah park in eastern Rwanda. Game drives in the park reward […]

How to Plan a Rwanda Trip

While in Rwanda, don’t miss the opportunity of tracking gorillas independently because its way much cheaper than using tour operators who charge a premium […]

Campaign to Boost Local Tourism in Rwanda

Rwandan government officials launched a campaign to promote the country’s tourism through sports. If well implemented and many locals can get involved in sport […]

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda – a life changing experience

A gorilla trek in Rwanda is a magical experience that everyone should get a chance to experience for a safari adventure. Rwanda is the […]

The BBC broadcasts over the Rwanda Genocide Film Suspended by the Rwanda Government

The Rwandan government has suspended ongoing BBC broadcasts in the Kinyarwanda language with immediate effect because, this film is questioning official accounts of the […]