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Blog | Rwanda Gorillas Safari - Part 7

Gorilla Trekking Rules & Regulations

Among the many rules that come with meeting the gorillas in Virunga national Park, the hardest one to keep is cracking a smile when […]

Gorilla trekking tourists in Rwanda to become wild gorilla guardians

Due to the very close genetic relationship between humans and gorillas, the gorillas are very vulnerable to many of man’s infectious diseases that affect […]

Northern hotels got fully booked in Advance for the Solar Eclipse event

Most of the hotels in Murchison falls national Park for example Para safari lodge and Pakuba Safari lodge plus those in Pakwach among others […]

The Musanze Province in Rwanda is an eye of Tourism Boom

The province is Rwanda’s tourism focal point and some say, the source of the wild adventures. With the long line of adventure activities on […]

The classical safari in Uganda National Park

Uganda is gifted with 10 National Parks and over 15 game reserves, all of these national parks are blessed with a variety of wildlife […]