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Blog | Rwanda Gorillas Safari - Part 8

The Cheiwz Kingdom

When you hear of the Cheiwz or the Bacheiwz some people out there do not take them as important as people in Uganda really […]

“Experience of a lifetime!”

Our main reason for our previous vacation was to go and take a visit to the mountain gorillas, well known as one of the […]

Cave Tourism in Rwanda is unleashed

Caves in Rwanda are being transformed into a Touristic Attraction. On Friday, Rica Rwigamba the head of Tourism and Conservation at RDB disclosed the […]

Trekking Gorillas requires Physical Fitness

There are 1000 criticisms on how great the Gorilla trek is, so you don’t need me to reiterate that. Many tourists say that they […]

Good Reason why you should go track mountain Gorillas

The critically endangered primates called Gorillas are the most sacredly kept species all over the world. It is entirely well known within Africa that […]