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Blog | Rwanda Gorillas Safari - Part 8

Rwanda intends to embark on medical tourism

Rwanda’s expenses on medical tourism is truly unknown but could be among those that are currently growing with in the East African region, and […]

Survivors of the Rwanda Genocide become American citizens

In Washington (CNS), this comes at the end of a fight that has taken her 15 years to complete, the world-renowned Rwandan genocide survivor […]

Gorilla The closest Relatives of man

Gorillas embody the eponymous genus Gorilla, the greatest surviving genus of primates by size. They are ground-residence, dominatingly herbivorous gorillas that possess the forests […]


Ants are social insects from the same family as bees and wasps known as formicidae, belonging to the order Hymenoptera. Ants trace their origin […]

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi tombs is one of the oldest historical sites in Uganda and was build in 1881 by one of the kings of Buganda kingdom […]