Baby Gorilla naming in Volcanoes national park – Rwanda


The park was chosen to host these celebrations because it hosts the greatest number of migratory species in Rwanda which come from Europe as well as other African countries including Madagascar and the year’s conservation campaign was mainly focusing on the grey crested crane.

Unaffordable to miss, is the popular ‘Kwita Izina’ ceremony which is a local dialect of the ‘naming’ ceremony that is often held in June every year with the intension of celebrating the country’s conservation efforts to save the Mountain gorilla. This ceremony was officially named in 2007 and has since then become an exciting part of Rwanda’s Tourism and Conservation calendar.If you would like to witness this ceremony, June would be the best time to schedule your gorilla trekking in Rwanda any chosen year.

The highlight of this naming ceremony was earmarked by the naming of the twins that were born on 3rd Feb 2011 to one Kabatwa. These twins were named at Kinigi together with other 20 baby gorillas in June of the same year and one was named Isangano meaning ‘Meeting place’ while the other Isango meaning ‘appointment’.

The 2013 naming ceremony drew a number of world figures including the Secretary General of World Tourism Organization-Rifai Taleb and 12 baby gorillas plus a new gorilla family were named. Below are their profiles and their name givers.

1. Ikigega (a store for treasures) a female, was born on 2nd August 2012 to Umwe of Susa gorilla family and named by the Executive Director of the Kenya Land Conservation Trust and Wildlife Direct, and chairman of the Friends of Nairobi National Park- Dr. Paula Kahumbu.

2. Ubukerarugendo (Tourism) male by sex and born on 11th August 2012 to Tuyishime of Susa family was named by the Sectretary General of the World Tourism Organization – Mr Rifai Taleb.

3. Inyungura (Addition), a female, was born on 1st Dec 2012 to Poppy of Karisimbi B family and was named by the Managing Director of ZESCO Limited, Zambia- Mr Cyprian Chitundu.

4. Ganza (Always Dominating), a male born of Umutungo of Sabyinyo family on 29th March 2013 and was named by the Nigerian award winning actor- Mr. Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr.

5. Isimbi (Shining Pearl) a female, born on 22nd September 2012 to Karisimbi of the Amahoro group was named by the Director of Sales and Marketing – Middle East- African Continent, Marriott Hotels International, Inc¬¬¬- Mr. Paul Dalgleish.

6. Icyamamare Maktub (Rising Star) also a male born on 21st December 2012 to Ahazaza of Agashya family was named by Ms. Lieke van Lexmond – Dutch model, actress and TV presenter and Mr. Mark van Eeuwin – Dutch actor, TV and film producer.

7. Ingamiya (Camel), a male born on 14th October 2012 to Tegereza of Ntambara family was named by the Speaker of the Senate of Kenya- Ekwe Ethuro.

8. Icyororo (Fertile), a male was born on 3rd July 2012 to Isaro of Isabukuru family and was named by an American economist and Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University- Jeffrey David Sachs.

9. Imigano (Bamboo) a male, was born to Bukima of Isabukuru family on 15th April 2013 and was named by Pinto Ignatius.

10. Iraje (New comer) a female, was born on 30th April 2013 to Umuhanga of Karisimbi A family and named by the GRASP (Great Apes’ Survival Partnership) Coordinator at UNEP- Doug Cress.

11. Fasha (to help) a male, born of Muganga of the Isabukuru family on 21st May 2013, was named by Mukeshimana M. Louise

12. Agasore (Little Man), a male was born on 18th June 2013 to Mukama of the Pablo family and named by the Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda- H.E. Kazuya Ogawa.

13. Newly Formed Family was named Karisimbi (natural beauty) by the American actor Isaiah Washington IV and his family.

You need not to wait any longer for you can also take part in this ‘world moving’ event for this year which will be on 21st June in case you book your safari with us. Come and meet with the global figures as you name the baby gorillas and celebrate the efforts of those behind their survival.

A lot lies undiscovered in this small gem known as the land of a thousand hills awaiting you to discover life in a home away from home.

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