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5 June 2019


 June 5, 2019
Endangered species
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World tourism industry is unsure of the sustainability of some animal and bird species that may be lost forever in the near future. These species are greatly lost to poaching and loss of habitats by human encroachment. It’s undeniable that the population of various animals has greatly reduced from time to time with no sign of increasing. In May 2019, the world lost its last male Sumatran rhino leaving behind only one female Sumatran rhino. Similarly, in 2018, world tourism lost its white Rhino that was surviving in Northern Kenya of South Sudan. The tragic loss of these species disrupts the world’s economic growth through foreign exchange earning. The question now is what can be done to reverse the extinction of these endangered species like rhinos to conserve them for sustainable use. Check the list of species consigned to near extinction.

Mountain gorillas
If it were not the efforts of Dian Fossey who lost her life to save them, mountain gorillas would be nowhere by now. Surviving in the jungle forests of Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, mountain gorillas are one of the world’s endangered species that nearly faced extinction. The world today has 1004 mountain gorillas living in Bwindi forest national park Uganda and the Virunga conservation area shared by Volcanoes, Virunga and Mgahinga gorilla parks in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda respectively. Lowland gorillas in western Central Africa are also facing massive population declines to Ebola. Other animals in Congo facing extinction are Bonobo, chimpanzees and Sumatran Orangutan.

Ethiopian Wolf

Endangered species
With only 500 species surviving in Bale Mountain National park of Ethiopia, Ethiopian wolf is the most endangered carnivore in the world. The wolves are lost to diseases contracted from domestic dogs, and loss of habit by local people to expand land for farming and settlement.

The Pangolin’s
Mainly found in South Africa, pangolin’s population has continued to reduce day by day. Pangolins are massively killed for scales to make some traditional medicine in Asia. Illegal traffickers kill pangolins mercilessly for profitable scales in the black market.

Grey colored black rhinos

With less than 5000 individuals left in the whole world, grey colored black rhinos are at great risk of extinction. The critically endangered species are killed for their profitable horns. The surviving population of grey colored black rhinos lives in protected areas of Tanzania, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

African Wild Dogs
World's endangered species
Roaming in the savannah parks of Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, African wild dogs may be no more in the near future. The whole world is remaining with less than 5000 species a drop from 500,000 wild. The major threat to wild dogs is limited access to complex hunting areas, which they require for survival. Their habitats have been cleared by people to expand and for settlement and agriculture.

African Penguin

World's endangered species
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) confirmed that African Penguins are facing a great risk of extinction. The endemic species in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa are increasingly dying due to lack of food. The exhaustion of their food sources and change in climate are the reasons for the increased loss of African Penguin. The major source of food for African Penguin is fish which are hard to find. The cause in climate has made fish stocks to go farther west hence the scarcity of food for the endemic species.

Rothschild’s Giraffe
With less than 100,000 Rothschild’s giraffes surviving in L.Nakuru Kenya, Murchison falls and L.Mburo national parks in Uganda, Rothschild giraffes may be no more in few years to come. Since 1985, the number of Rothschild’s giraffe has reduced by over 40%, an indication that this species is indeed under threat. Rothschild is one of the nine giraffe species in the world. The broader dividing white lines and lack of spotting below the knees make Rothschild’s giraffe different from other giraffe species.

Sumatran Rhinos
List of World's Endangered Species
This is the smallest rhino species, which weighs 960 kilograms. The endangered species roam in the jungles of Sumatra Island and Indonesia. At present, the world has less than 100 Sumatran Rhinos a drop from 800 rhinos that lived in 1986. Java Rhino is also greatly greatened with only 291 individuals surviving on the island of Indonesia as of 2012.

Among the greatly threatened cats are jaguar, tigers, cheetah, and leopards among others. The great threat to cats is poaching and loss of habitat loss to human activities especially for agriculture and settlement.

Highly killed for their ivory and hides, Elephants of Sumatra in Asia and Africa are at a great threat of extinction. Also, elephants are facing a great loss of habitat due to deforestation for expanded settlement and agricultural land.

Sea Turtles
Endangered Species
Sea turtles could not miss on this red list of critically endangered species. These species are highly threatened by accidental fishing and water contamination by people living adjacent to lakes. Also, sea turtles are hunted for their eggs, shell, and meat, which has continuously reduced their populations all over the world.

Besides animals, the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list shows over 190 bird species, which are at an extremely high risk of extinction. 27 of these dwell in the tropical forests of Africa. The major threats to birds include habitat loss and predators such as Mice, monkeys, and cats among others.

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