How to Survive a Charged Mountain Gorilla Attack.


Gorilla attack

What to do When a Wild Mountain Gorilla Charges
Mountain gorillas are normally peaceful animals which keep calm and at peace most of the times. Gorilla tours are undeniable one of the most done activities in East and central Africa having been reviewed to be an amazing, enlightening, entertaining, rewarding, and moving experience cherished for a lifetime. Thousands of travelers flock into Uganda, Rwanda ad Congo to meet face to face with these critically endangered species whose human like character is surely charming. However despite their peaceful characters, the gentle giants are strong and unafraid to defend their troops in case they feel insecure with humans in their presence. Whenever mountain gorillas suspect any danger around them, they react by making loud grunts and hoots. If the threat persists, the gorillas then intensify their threats by buoying itself on its feet pounding its chest. What a traveler should do at this point is to take a submissive action before the wild gorilla before it attacks you.

Crouch Down
To tell a mountain gorilla that you are not a threat, bend down and make yourself small compared to him (the silverback). This will tell the silverback that you are not a challenger hence find no reason of fighting you. It’s obvious that if travelers are calm, quiet, and look unthreatening in all their behaviors towards the gorillas, there is no reason to charge. In most cases, direct eye contact, loud noises, and sudden movements are the major threats.

Walk a way steadily
Also, travelers are advised to split and walk away from a charged mountain gorilla. However, trekkers are advised not to run away from the charged mountain gorillas but rather step back slowly and get off the charged gorilla scene. NEVER RUN AWAY cause the angry gorilla will run after you. Gorillas are always curious about new things around them but are travelers accede and keep away from mountain gorillas territory, the giants find no reason to charge against you. Travelers are ever reminded to avoid confronting gorillas since no human being is able to physically defeat the gorilla.

Show your teeth and shout back
Incase trekkers are so close to the charged gorilla with no any chance of stepping back, they are advised to show their teeth to the gorilla. Also, endeavor to scream, shout loud and thumb the chest just the gorilla charging at you. Your teeth will tell the gorilla that you are may be another wild gorilla in the jungle. Shouting loud scare away since gorillas since they are naturally calm animals.

Be the ape yourself
Act and behave like a beat in the wild. If you see the charged gorilla come toward you, just go wild and be an ape in the jungle. Do this by chewing vegetation, breaking some vegetation, plucking some leaves and nap on ground to show you are not aggressive in any way. Acting contrary to the charged gorillas is likely to deviate his aggressive ways. Pretend like you are in your own world relaxing in your free time leaving the angry ape alone.

Follow your guide and what he tells you
Travelers never go alone to meet mountain gorillas. Every gorilla trek is guided by an armed park ranger you tells you the dos and don’ts while with the gorillas. The rangers know the temperament and irritation level of each gorilla family hence advise travelers on how to behave in case gorillas become wild. Also, rangers are able to understand the moods of the gorillas before travelers realize it. Trekkers should therefore adhere to the guidelines of park rangers to avoid any negative reactions form the endangered mountain gorillas.

In general whenever trekking mountain gorillas, keep submissive, respectful and keep your distance. Do not look direct into the eyes of the endangered gorillas so as not to pose a threat. Also, don’t take flash photos of it. If you follow all trekking rules and regulations, the gorilla is extremely unlikely to pay attention to you hence resulting into a successful gorilla tour.