RDB Increases Rwanda Gorilla Permit Prices To 1500us


The rise of the Rwanda gorilla permit price from 750usd to 1500usd with immediate effect comes as suprise announced by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) on 6th may 2017. The doubled gorilla permit cost applies to all travelers irrespective of the nationality meaning that Rwanda citizens will as well pay this price. A single gorilla package to Rwanda now costs 15000usd with an exclusive personalised guide for every traveler. However,the new permit price does not affect travelers and tour operators who had paid or deposited on the permit at the time of the announcement. Additionally, the new cost will offer a discount of 30% to all trekkers who will stay in Nyungwe forest national park and Akagera national park for 3 days and above. Similarly, a 15% discount will be given to travelers who will travel to Rwanda or meetings and conferences but stayed in the country in the pre and post conference dates to see the mountain gorillas. This discount is offered by the Rwanda development board to inspire more travelers to the country.

The increased cost of the mountain gorilla permit aims to ensure sustainability of conservation initiatives enhancing visitor’s experience. Furthermore, increased gorilla permits aim to increase the benefits of local communities adjacent to the national park. Most of the people in the nearby communities were the former dwellers of the forest who depended fully on the forest for a livelihood. Rwanda receives the highest number of trekkers in the volcanoes national park every day, which has put the endangered species at risk. The national park is a home to the highest population of mountain gorillas roughly 62% of the total population for mountain gorilla in the virunga conservation area.

More still, the local communities share on the total income from tourism has been increased from 5% to 10%, which is hoped to increase people’s standards of living. Money earned from gorilla tourism is used to fund local community development projects hence empowering them economically. New high-end lodges are opening in Musanze all aimed to improve visitor’s experience at kinigi. Other plans such as renovating the visitors; information center equipping it with modern offices and tourism services such as digital facilities, children learning space as well as the conservation education are to be put in place.

Therefore, for every trekker to Rwanda, he/she must pay 1500us for a mountain gorilla package greatly assured of a remarkable experience.