The Bamungwe Cave in Kabale District


Do you want to discover and explore something new? Visit the hidden Bamungwe cave located in Nyakagyera parish, Kyanamira sub country, Ndorwa county, Kabale district in southwestern Uganda. Among all tourist attractions in Uganda, the Bamungwe Nyakagyera cave has been left out. It’s unfortunate that most travelers to Kabale district have often missed this treasure. Yes, the history behind this cave and its size in length and width make it worth visiting. Nyakagyera cave is hardly a tourist attraction because few of any tourists have visited it before. Nyakagyera cave measures 33 feet wide, 20 feet tall and 60 meets deep. The actual history of Nyakagyera cave has never been written down

The Bamungwe cave is located beneath Kabaraga hill, the highest point overlooking the beautiful Kabale town and the rolling hills of Kigezi. The cave is roughly 14 kilometers from Kabale town at Omwibare, Nyakagyera parish, Kyananamira sub-county. The cave is surrounded by local households mainly of the Bazigaba clan. The hidden cave is just nine miles from Kabale district as you climb the hills towards kabaraga which is the highest point overlooking kabale town. A few residents of Kabale district know the existence of this cave. A few residents of Kabale know the existence of this cave but have not made an effort to visit and discover its whereabouts.
The elders of the area say that the stone cave was initiated by early man. The early man would throw stones to kill animals lower down the slopes and the dead animals would be taken for feasting inside the cave. Moreso, Nyakagyera cave was used as a safety and hiding place by local residents of Nyakagyera village. It’s also believed that Nyakagyera cave was a meeting place for local leaders who would meet there and discuss on how to attack and conquer their rivals.
Some histories say that Nyakagyera cave was traditionally inhabited by Batwa pygmies who were later evicted and chased away by bakiga. Batwa pygmies were forced into the jungle forests of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks where they lived with wild animals till in the 1990’s when gorilla tourism was introduced in these parks. Today, no one lives in this cave. Its currently a home for birds, bats and its entrance masked by overgrown shrubs and trees. The cave looks like a neglected mine filed. On entering, numerous birds and bats fly out leaving it for you. The small like rooms are believed to be the initial rooms of batwa pygmies.

How to Get to Nyakagyera Cave

From Kabale town, Nyakagyera cave can be reached by foot, bicycle, motorbike, and vehicles. It takes roughly 15 minutes’ drive from Kabale town. However, the roads can be muddy and waterlogged especially in the rainy season making it difficult to drive through. When it rains, muddy roads become impassable. The cave can, therefore, be well visited in the wet-dry season when roads are dry and easy to pass.

Other activities done in Nyakagyera village

Agriculture is the major economic activity done in this hidden village a source of livelihood to all homes in this area. You will come across numerous small gardens of sweet potatoes, bananas, beans, peas, Irish potatoes and sorghum. Other activities done in Nyakagyera include charcoal burning, clay molding, and pottering.
Can the cave be promoted as a tourist attraction?
Yes, Nyakagyera cave can be promoted as a new tourism product in the Kabale district. The rich history, the unique size of the cave and cool comfort inside make it a worth visit. A visit to Nyakagyera cave can complement other tourist attractions in Kabale such as mountain gorillas in Bwindi Forest/Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Virunga volcanoes, and Lake Bunyonyi among others.
In conclusion, Nyakagyera cave is a hidden gem you ought to visit on your Uganda safari to southwestern Uganda. Contact Africa Adventure Safaris today, book a trio and we shall take you to the roots of this hidden gem,

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