Covid19 Latest Updates in Rwanda


Rwanda travel updates

Covid19 pandemic has continued to spread in Rwanda and all over the world despite the efforts to contain it. The deadly disease is still roaming around with new positive cases and death registered each day. Rwanda is one of the few countries which have done their best to curb the spread if this deadly virus. From land border closing, to restricted travel and introduction of robots to help in sensitizing people on how to curb the spread of the virus, Covid 19 is still around. The government of Rwanda put a ban on all local and international travels for over 6 months. The country was later reopened for tourism but under tight restrictions. Apparently, all tourism destinations in Rwanda are open for travels. Do you want to go gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, big five game in Akagera National park or chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park, all Rwanda safaris are now available for covid19 free travelers. Rwanda registered her first covid19 positive case on 14th March 2020. As of 6th/1/2021, Rwanda has registered 8,955 cumulative cases, 110 death and 6,878 recoveries. Its one of the few countries that have tried to contain the virus.

General Information
1. All Rwanda National Parks are open for visitors with negative covid19 test
2. Kigali International Airport is open but land borders stay closed except for cargo and Rwanda citizens returning
3. Gyms, saunas and swimming pools are prohibited
4. All people both locals and internationals must mask up their faces in public
5. All public gatherings for parties, churches, weddings, conferences and meetings are not allowed. Only 30 people are allowed on burials.

Entry and Exit Requirements
• A negative covid19 test is a must have for anyone entering and existing Rwanda. All travelers to Rwanda must present negative corona virus test results done within 120 hours before the arrival time
• All travelers must go through a health screening procedures at Kigali International airport. In addition to the negative test results presented, travelers are all also tested at the airport and quarantined at any designated hotel for 24 hours waiting for the results.
• Travelers exiting Rwanda MIST also test negative for covid19 to avoid the exporting of the virus from Rwanda to any outside country.

Movement restrictions in Rwanda
1. All movements in Rwanda stop at 8:00pm. Any movement after 8:00pm and 4:00am is illegal and anyone caught driving or moving in this time will be punished
2. Public transport is prohibited in Kigali city and no travelers across districts
3. Travels are only allowed for medical reasons
4. Only travelers are allowed to move across different districts provided they are covid19 negative
5. Travels and entry to National parks and other protected areas is restricted to travelers with negative covid19 test results.

Quarantine in Rwanda
All travelers who check into Rwanda must under go 24 hours quarantine as they wait for their covid19 test results. Specific hotels have been selected for quarantine purposes. Travelers and travel operators are advised to reserve rooms for 24 hours as they wait for their results. Any traveler who will be seen moving in Rwanda before results are out will be punished and imprisoned. Travelers will receive their covid19 test results via SMS or email. The traveler will then be invited to check out of the quarantined hotel and the trip starts. Any traveler who tests positive for covid19 will be quarantined and started on medication until he/she is fully recovered.

REMINDER: All tests and treatment for those who test positive for covid19 is personal. Each traveler meets his/her costs for testing and treatment

Conclusively, travelers are advised to be keen and careful when traveling to Rwanda. Follow the standard Operating procedures for Covid to avoid any chances of catching the deadly covis19 that has claimed lives of innocent people. For more details and travel advice, contact Africa Adventure Safaris, the number one travel agent in Rwanda.