The classical safari in Uganda National Park


8ttuyUganda is gifted with 10 National Parks and over 15 game reserves, all of these national parks are blessed with a variety of wildlife some of which are rare to the rest of other national parks in the East and Central Africa. A visit to one of these Uganda’s national parks is regarded as the most breathtaking moment one should not love to miss. Let us have a wonderful watch out of the Kidepo National Park which is located in the far Northeastern corner of Uganda along the boarders with Sudan and Kenya and it was established in 1954 it covers an area of about 1,442sqkm and takes just about 12 hours drive or more up to the park in a good weather condition from Kampala. It is gifted with a number of wildlife ranging from animal species to bird species. it’s known for its peaceful zebras whose patterns are amazingly not similar from one to another. From the corner of your eye the sight of the Africa’s biggest land mammal will attract your attention as he symbiotically move on with a number of birds on his back grazing with out bending his head low like other animals do. You will also see elephants grazing in big number, buffaloes, lions, warthogs, Rothschild giraffe, bat eared foxes, water buck. Amazing bird species will include common Ostrich who is ever out of time to attend to his guest as though you are the reason for his unable to fly. Your eyes will also enable you hear the music made by the bird calls and their wonderful colors will make your day worth remembering. Other bird species may include; Vultures, Varreaux’s Eagle owl, spotted eagle-owl, African swallow, long tailed and standard- winged night jars and bat eared foxes to mention but a few.

The rocky hills that have stood for centuries, the whistling of the wind is breathtaking all these make the park more magnificent. The day will draw to its close with the beautiful rays that paint horizon that will leave you with remarkable photographic memory of a life time.

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