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2022 Gorilla Naming Ceremony in Rwanda

Rwanda is celebrating the 18th gorilla naming ceremony in kinigi on 2nd September 2022 at kinigi headquarters of Volcanoes National Park in North Western Rwanda. A total of 20 baby gorillas born last year are to be given names by different prominent people, conservationist, leaders, and gorilla lovers. This year’s gorilla naming ceremony is the first after two years of virtual naming due to covid19 travel restrictions. Kwita Izina is a unique experience in which baby gorillas are given names for easy identification just like in a human family. The experience was started in 2005 to diversity tourism products in Volcanoes National park and Rwanda as a whole.

Besides gorilla naming ceremony, Rwanda Development Board will be celebrating various achievements of conservation especially increase in mountain gorilla population in Volcanoes National park. The bamboo forest park boosts in over 350 mountain gorillas, which make it a premier destination for gorilla trekking in the Virunga Conservation Area. RDB will also be celebrating and appreciating their partners and local communities who have keenly participated in gorilla conservation to promote sustainable gorilla tourism in the park. The combined efforts between park management and local communities have promoted peaceful human wildlife coexistence. Rwanda gorillas safari

Gorilla naming will be done alongside other interesting activities such as gorilla trekking, mountain hiking, golden monkey trekking, cycling and community tours among other activities done in the park.

About Tourism Revenue share program

Among other things that will be celebrated is the tourism revenue share program. The initiative was started in 2005 and it has seen over 7.9 billion
given out to over 880 community projects around Volcanoes National Park.

Expansion of Volcanoes National park

Apparently, volcanoes National park is undergoing expansion. This is to create more space for the increasing number of mountain gorillas. The park will be expanded by 23% adding 37.4 square kilometers to the existing park area. African Wildlife Foundation is one of the funders for the expansion of the park. The estimated cost for the park expansion is $225 million

Other things to see and do in Volcanoes National Park

In addition to gorilla naming ceremony, travelers to Volcanoes National Park have a long list of interesting activities to do. These include:
Mountain gorilla trekking
Volcanoes National park shelters over 350 mountain gorillas and is one of the few places where these endangered primates can be seen. Gorilla trekking is the top travel experience, which take place in this bamboo forest. In 2017, Volcanoes National park transformed into a luxury gorilla tour destination following a double increase of permit prices from $750 to $1500. Gorilla safaris in Rwanda can be tailored short and long depending on the traveler’s available days and budget. A 1-Day Rwanda gorilla trek is suitable for short time travelers while a 4 Days Rwanda double gorilla safari entails 2 gorilla treks. The park comprise of 10-habituated gorilla families each visited by 8 people, which guarantee availability of 80 permits everyday.

Golden Monkey Trekking

This is yet another interesting to do in Volcanoes National park. The experience costs $100 for a permit allowing you to spend an hour with this lively creature. Rwanda Development has habituated two golden monkey communities to ease the trekking experience

Volcano climbing
Enjoy hiking to the summit of any volcano in Volcanoes National Park. The most hiked mountains are Mt Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke. A 3 Days Mount hiking tour offers you chance to conquer this highest volcano in the Virunga Conservation Area while Bisoke cab ne hiked in one day.

Bird Watching
With over 180 bird species inhabited there, Volcanoes National park is a haven for birders. Some of the notable birds in this park include Blue-spotted wood dove, Red-backed shrike, Cinnamon-chested bee eater, Baglafetcht weaver, African long eared owl, Ruwenzori apalis, Ruwenzori batis, Dusky crimson wing, Lagden’s bush shrike, handsome francolin, Ruwenzori double collared sunbird and Brown necked parrot among others. June to August is the best time for bird watching in Volcanoes National park when the forest is dry.

Cultural tours
Cultural tours in Volcanoes National park take you to the gorilla guardian village, former Iby’iwacu Cultural village where you meet and interact with local people. A cultural tour offers you chance to learn the traditions; norms, customs and beliefs of Rwandese and what makes them different from other people. Locals will also perfume traditional dances and songs to welcome and entertain you

Conclusively, gorilla naming ceremony is a not miss on your Rwanda tour. Come be part of the memorable 2022 Kwita Izina ceremony in Volcanoes National park. Africa Adventure Safaris is your reliable travel agent for your Rwanda safaris