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Post Covid19 Travel Questions to Uganda and Rwanda

Post covid19 travel questions

Uganda, Rwanda and the whole of Africa are now open for tourism. Travelers from all over the world can now freely travel and visit Uganda the Pearl of Africa and Rwanda the land of a thousand hills to explore the hidden gem in these beautiful countries. After the out break of the deadly corona virus in 2019, mots countries closed land borders and airports to avoid arrivals. This put tourism at a stand still to curb the spread of the deadly virus across countries. However, in late 2020, countries started reopening for travelers but with restrictions. Gorilla trekking and other wildlife tours in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and the whole of Africa are now on going. Travelers visiting are advised to seek extensive advice ion the post covid19 questions to avoid the further spread of the virus. Standard Operating Procedures are highly emphasized for all those visiting to see gorillas and other wild animals. Africa Adventure Safaris gives you a guide on the post covid19 common travel questions in Uganda. Rwanda, Congo and the rest of Africa.

Is Uganda, Rwanda and Congo Open for tourism?
Yes, Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the only gorilla destinations are open for travelers. The airports to these countries are open for international travelers though land borders are still closed. You can therefore visit each country privately or use air transport crossing from one country to the other. Africa Adventure safaris at your service to guide you through Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

Are vaccinated travelers required to test again?
No fully vaccinated travelers to Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are not asked to test again. However, they are advised to test 72 hours before their flight. Vaccinated travelers are advised to carry their vaccination certificates for clarification.

When should I test before boarding?
Travelers who are not vaccinated are advised to test for covid19 72 hours before arrival at the respective airport. The test results MUST be negative for anyone to be allowed into Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and other African Countries.

Will I be asked to test again upon arrival?
YES, in addition to the negative covid19 test results, travelers are asked to test again for covid19 upon their arrival at Kigali and Entebbe International airport. The respective ministries of health have listed a number of doctors and medical centers where to test for covid19. Your guide from Africa Adventure Safaris will help you find a reliable hospital to test for covid19

Shall I proceed with the safari after testing for covid19?
NO, you must first receive your test results in order to proceed with your safari in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. After testing, travelers are advised to stay at their nearby hotel/lodge as they wait for results. Anyone who tests negative will be allowed to proceed with the trip but those test positive are not quarantined and taken through medication at their own expense.

How long will it take for tests to be out?
It takes roughly 24 hours for covid19 results to be out. Travelers are therefore advised to be patient and wait for results before the can proceed with the trip.

What’s the cost of a PCR Test in Uganda & Rwanda?
In Rwanda, the cost of a covid19 test costs $50 while in Uganda it costs $65 if you have booked in advance. However, testing from upcountry for departing traveler’s range between $90 and $100.

Do I need to test again after the trip?
YES, departing travelers from Rwanda and Uganda are encouraged to test again at least 3 days before departure. However, short time travelers with less than 72 days in the country will not be asked to test again. They are believed to have not contracted the virus in that short time.

What are the standards Operating Procedures for covid19?
Conservation bodies in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo have put SOPs to ensure safety of the endangered wildlife and travelers themselves. The Standard Operating Procedures include:
1. Mandatory wearing of facemask. The mask MUST cover the nose and mouth. This is to avoid the free exchange of breath since covid19 is respiratory. It can be transmitted through air
2. Mandatory hand washing with soap and clean running water. The recommended time for hand washing should be at least 20 seconds
3. During the trek, travelers are advised to continually sanitize to kill any gems
4. Keep a distance of 10 meters way from the endangered gorillas and chimpanzees. This is to avoid close interactions with the primates
5. Do not touch eyes, mouth and nose. These are sensitive body parts
6. Do not shake hands
7. Do not visit when sick. Travelers with any kind of sickness especially the communicable diseases is not allowed to visit
8. Travelers must have negative covid19 results
9. Spend strictly an hour with the endangered gorillas and chimpanzees
10. Stay at least 2 meters way from each other

Are hotels and lodges safe?
YES, hotels in Uganda and Rwanda are safe and ready for tourists. Uganda Tourism Board put a quality assurance team that moved across all hotels and lodges to train hotel owners and staff on how to ensure safety of travelers. Sanitizers, facemasks and hand washing soap and water are provided at hotels to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.

Top travel activities in Uganda and Rwanda
Uganda and Rwanda safaris are interesting and memorable! The two countries have a lot to offer for travelers. Africa Adventure Safaris gives you a list of top travel activities to do and see in Rwanda and Uganda for a memorable safari. These include
• Mountain gorilla trekking. This is the number one travel experience, which attract a high number of travelers to these countries. Mountain gorillas live in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. Gorilla permits are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda and Rwanda Development Board.
• Chimpanzee trekking is yet another interesting activity in Uganda and Rwanda. Chimps are seen in Kibale Forest National Park Uganda and Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda.
• Golden Monkey trekking: This is done in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda and Volcanoes National Park
• Game Viewing: Enjoy game drives in Uganda and Rwanda with Africa Adventure Safaris. The parks in Uganda for game viewing are Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley and Lake Mburo National Park. Game viewing in Rwanda is done in Akagera National Park, the only savannah Park in Rwanda
• Mountain climbing: Take part in the adventure mountain climbing experience in Uganda and Rwanda with Africa Adventure Safaris. Hike to the summit of the snow caped mount Rwenzori in Uganda and Mt Karisimbi the highest volcano in the Virunga Conservation Area.

In conclusion, Rwanda and Uganda are fully open for travel with tight restrictions. Travel now, and follow the Standard Operating Procedures for safe and memorable experience with Africa Adventure Safaris