Top Attraction in Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park


ishasha tree climbing lions

Located in the southern part of queen Elizabeth national park, ishasha offers the off beaten track kind of experience to travelers. The sector is real awesome composed of riverine and open savannah kind of vegetation along side the acacia and fig trees. Despite its remoteness, ishasha has become the most liked and frequently visited sector compared to other sections of the national park. The undulating landscapes that provide a clear view of wildlife and the entire national park to travelers is another interesting issue about ishasha sector in queen Elizabeth national park. It takes approximately two hours from the Mweya peninsular to ishasha but the experience is real amazing.

Tree climbing lions
This is the highlight of tourism in ishasha, which has made it so popular in the entre national park. Tree climbing lions that reside up in the acacia and fig trees are spotted each and every time hanging up in the trees. It is believed that the desire to prevent the bites by the tsetflies and other ground insects is the reason as to why these lions climb in the trees. More still, it is believed that worldwide, ishasha is the only place with unique climbing lions along side lake Manyara in Tanzania. Herds of lions led by a king of the jungle are spotted resting lazily or else eating up their preys up in the trees. Lions are seen during game drives through this section and photographs are taken for remembrance, the experience is real awesome.

Other wildlife
It does not stop at tree climbing lions but goes far beyond to several other animals. A huge number of elephants, buffalos, antelopes, Uganda kobs, impalas, waterbucks, warthogs, and elands among others. Experienced guides help in spotting these animals and explaining the characters of each spotted animal, which increases visitors, understanding of wildlife in queen Elizabeth national park.

Visit the crater lakes
Queen Elizabeth national park is a home to crater lakes with interesting histories. These include lake katwe known for salt mining; lake Nyamunyanyange for migratory flamingoes and lake Bunyampaka where salt mining has recently started. Travelers who visit these sites buy the crafts and local products, which they take home for remembrance.
In addition to the above, a boat cruise at kazinga channel is most liked by travelers. The channel connects lakes Edward and gorge and provides travelers with great view of the national park and the nearby fishing areas. Travelers enjoy the fresh waters and air at the channel which freshness their mind hence a memorable experience.

Where to sleep
There are several accommodation and lodging facilities serving travelers to ishasha sector and queen Elizabeth as well. These include ishasha wilderness camp, Mweya safari lodge, Marafiki safari lodge, queen Elizabeth bush lodge, kasenyi safari camp, Ihamba lakeside safari lodge and park view safari lodge among others. These lodges offer food and sleeping services at affordable prices varying depending of the traveler’s income. The services range from luxury to low-budget meaning that travelers of each kind acquire quality services at affordable prices.

When to visit
The dry season between June to September is the best time to visit the sector and the national park as a whole. The grass is short which makes it easy to spot wildlife grazing and predators hunting. However, the national park can be visited all year round, it can be visited at any time of the year and the activities can be participated in.

In conclusion therefore, ishasha sector is the most visited section of queen Elizabeth national park. The experience offered is extra ordinary rarely found in other parts of the county and the whole world as well, travelers should therefore travel there for a phenomenal and exciting experience.